Thursday, June 02, 2005

Let's take a moment

Yesterday wasn't an ordinary day - it was our 2nd Wedding anniversary! Jim puts up with me which should make him as close to sainthood as one can be while still alive. We did some of our favorite things yesterday
  • go to a bookstore - I got the book Knit Lit
  • went out to eat at Manna's in Tallahassee
  • went to an office supply store and purchased this:

I have been fighting with my patterns that I need to follow and I believe this is a solution to my problem. If you are looking for something like this it's called a Adjustable Book And Copyholder.

Of course we got home at a respectable hour, I knitted and proceeded to spill iced tea on one of my projects, which will remain anonymous to protect its innocence.

Today has been dreary and the rain has worn out its welcome after raining for several days in a row - the dogs are tired of it, and the people in this house are also. And, it needs to go away because tomorrow, I will be going with 3 friends to the beach - and who wants to go to the beach to look at rain?

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