Sunday, June 05, 2005

The BEACH and musings

Blanket in progress at Panama City Beach Posted by Hello This past weekend, four of us went to Panama City Beach to rest and relax. The weather was glorious, and defied the predictions of meteorologists all around. We had lots of sun, which meant this fair skinned lady spent a good portion of the day inside until the sun rays had respectfully kept down low. However, briefly the knitting made it outside so you could get a view of what I could see while I knitted. Yes, there are pipes between the blanket and the water - they are dredging to get sand - now this process is more complicated than I can wrap this brain around, so I will just assume it gets done.
I never got in the water - the gulf that is - the flag warnings indicated it wasn't such a good idea - and Saturday the water was full of jelly fish - so I opted for the pool. There were three of us knitters there, and I did see they brought their knitting, but if they brought it out to knit, I did not see it. (Closet knitters....) However, their skin indicates they DID go to the beach. Mine remains pretty fair. (See below - I am the one on the far right)

Friends! Posted by Hello
We had a great time - this was taken Saturday evening - by the intracoastal waterway in the big community of Ebro (right outside of Panama City Beach) Boondocks is appropriately named and is right under a bridge and a canopy of beautiful oaks. No see'ums joined us that evening so insect repellant was needed. Ever had fried pickles? We did! Not to mention GREAT fresh Florida seafood. Thank you, dear friends for a wonderful weekend.

Now, I must tell you something about the prayer baby blanket I had worked on. The more I worked on it, the more I realized I had miscalculated and created a baby bedspread blanket and by the time I had used all the skeins it was still wider than long - NOT GOOD. So, I did what I had to do and tinked tinked tinked - and THIS TIME I casted on 87 stitches for the 29 repeat pattern instead of 145. This should take caere of the disproportion and just goes to show that perseverance is the key, and never to assume what I THINK will work WILL work. It's working much more quickly now that the width is 60% of the previous blanket, and I think it will finally be manageable. (See that it did make it above to the beach and that is the NEW blanket and I have already completed one skein and working on the next. I should be through in 2 more skeins.

If you are still reading this, please let me know if you have done something like this before - where you have miscalculated BIG TIME so I can commiserate. Or you can still comment and say HELLO or comment!

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