Sunday, June 26, 2005

A brief reprieve from the knitting scene

Do not get hasty with assumptions that I am taking a break from the knitting frenzy, but sometimes there are occasions which need mentioning which affirm that Cathy DOES have a life outside of her knitting. Case in point:

Friends gathered around the table to celebrate a feast of steak, baked potato, stolen fresh corn from the field, salad, and German Chocolate cake. Notice there are 5 of us and the females are outnumbered because KIT decided to go visit her sister Judy in Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks. Now we know she loves her sister dearly, but the real reason she went was because she wanted to escape the sweltering heat of south Georgia. Well, HA, wouldn't you know it, the afternoon temperature was 79 degrees with a cool breeze, no bugs, and a pool temperature of 86 degrees. Now, it doesn't get much better than that in this part of the world at this time of year. Now, being the Weather Channel watcher that I am, I did notice a heat wave up in the parts of Pennsylvania to indicate that Kit was NOT experiencing the same weather as we were. Now those of you that know us might wonder who was taking the picture - none other than Jim's son, Jimmy, who I might add took a great picture to include both the table and did not chop off any of our heads.

Now some of you who have been reading this blog know that Davis has been supervising the caterpillars in his back yard. This is a cropped picture of him in his managerial mode - cropped because we don't want anyone to crack make any jokes about his future potential of being a plumber - so to save face for this child, I was kind enough to prevent him from anyone trying to blackmail him just because his britches didn't quite make it up to his waist. ANYWAY, Davis did an EXCELLENT job of making sure those caterpillars made it all the way to butterflydom - Davis, you have potential my friend!

Speaking of friends, my dear friend Beth officiated during morning prayer this morning since our rector is at University of the South doing graduate work. As expected, she did a wonderful job and without a hitch. (Beth is in the picture above with the aqua blue dress with flowers on it.)

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