Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Madli and more on butterflies

It just doesn't get much prettier than this - this swallowtail, under the management of my little friend, Davis, hatched out and found some begonias to light on while taking a rest before taking off into the world. Must have thought that Sooz was a flower too with the pretty pink shirt she had on. We are now in the search of more cats of the insect type to replenish the caterpillar nursery.

Madli - I admit defeat - Nupps or no nupps, it's not working - things are not in alignment - I have restarted too many times, and it is time to put it away until I can do it and do it right. It's a sad thing to admit defeat, but I have tried to make it behave and look right and behave, but as soon as I turn my back, I know the needles are up to no good. It's a conspiracy. For those of you curious about Madli - go here - she didn't let it get the best of her and it looks pretty darn good.
So I am going to open up Folk Shawls and get started on one of the shawls in there - until then, Madli, it's been real...

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helen said...

ah yes. i tried the border four times before i got it done. then on the third body repeat all of a sudden ended up with a WS row on the RS *hangs head in shame* rolled back into a ball now!