Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I stumble and tumble

I cannot dance, O Lord,
Unless You lead me.
If You wish me to leap joyfully,
Let me see You dance and sing
Then I will leap into Love
And from Love into Knowledge,
And from Knowledge into the Harvest,
That sweetest Fruit beyond human sense.
There I will stay with You, whirling.

Mechtild of Magdeburg(13th century)

Why do I start my blog with this? Well, today I have unknitted, and the whole day, I have hummed in my head "I stumble, and tumble, I stumble, and tumble, which comes from a selection that the group I sing with Voces Angelorum, sung this Spring, Dancing, by Scott Tucker, paraphrases Mechtild's poem, with the phrase "I stumble and tumble" in it.
And I have stumbled and tumbled with my Faroese Styled shawl and am trying to find the error of my ways. Somewhere, there is a mistake and I haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet. I am getting close, but no cigar yet. It's a bit disconcerting, but if a blog serves any good purpose, it allows for some "sticktuitiveness" on a project and to see the project through - tomorrow I will continue to unknit (I guess knitting is like dancing with fingers and yarn and unwhirling getting back to Mechtild).
In the mail, I received two books that I ordered - Folk Shawls and Folk Bags - both I have glanced at prior to ordering. Each have shawls and bags from different parts of the world and I look forward to reading and trying some of them out.

In addition to the stumbling and tumbling with my unknitting, the chair/recliner I knit in has lost a rivet in the leg part which lifts up, which means it is nearing its demise. There is something about finding a chair that seems to work while knitting, reading, and snoozing, and have them serve all 3 well. So in the near future, a new one will be taking its place, and hopefully it will fit the above mentioned 3 activities well.

Let's hope the stumbling and tumbling will end tomorrow and I will go in a forward motion of dancing with the yarn.

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