Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tropical Storm Arlene couldn't even keep the knitters and crocheters away.

Even the drenching rain we had from tropical storm Arlene could not keep the knitters and crocheters away from our shawl ministry meeting this morning - my head count was 11 folks - give or take one - and the shawls overfloweth with abundance. Folks have been producing shawls and it was an awesome experience to bless at least 8 today. One of the ones that was blessed goes to:

Nancy, who will be moving to Minnesota this month. Now we southerners know there is only one day of summer up there and the rest of the year is cold. And the day they call summer is what we could have any season of the year anyway. For the northerners reading this, we folks in south Georgia have been known to turn on the air conditioning at some point every month of the year - but I digress. Nancy has a shawl made from Lion Bran's Homespun - Corinthian. We hope it keeps her warm, as well as feeling loved with all the prayers that have gone into it. Perhaps she can find a shawl ministry where she is moving, or start one herself, she can knit at a lickety split speed and brought 2 beautiful prayer shawls. We wish her the very best at her new job at a law school doing what she says she does best - crunch numbers, but we also think she has many other talents too numerous to mention.

Here is the stack of shawls blessed - more were blessed but the creators kept them for them to be delivered to their recipient.

Holding the shawl is Naomi, recipient of the shawl.
This shawl was created by Phyllis and notice the cool ribbon embellishing the shawl. When worn, the ribbon will be on the back of the recipient, adding a fancy look to the shawl. Phyllis, artisan that she is, has decided that this will be her trademark or logo. She also had an orange one with yellow ribbon decorating the back. When Phyllis isn't crocheting or knitting, she is a master quilter.

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