Monday, June 13, 2005

A trip to the daylily farm

A trip to the daylily at peak is a feast for the eyes - breathtaking - however, oppressively hot. The hosts were gracious enough to offer us cool lemonade. Susan, her Mom (known as "Gigi" by her beautiful grandchildren), and I took off and visited the gardens with Davis, Mary Grantham and my daughter Rachael. They had a great time at the waterwheel below. It was a miracle they all ended up in the same picture at one time since they are in constant motion.

Out of the thousands of daylilies, I happened to find one that had a little frog in it. I believe the name of this daylily is Bubbling Edge, one of my favorite. He was quite content inside of the daylily.
It's amazing that this daylily farm, acres of beautiful flowers in Whigham, Georgia, is little known by the locals here. I came home without any daylilies today as I had already done the damage several weeks ago and made a pact with myself not to clean out the bank account on such beauties. However, a boatload of a few daylilies made it back with Susan's mom, so she will be doing some digging in the next couple of days.

I did a little knitting today on the branching out shawl - I stepped away for a few minutes from my work and some pesky animal took off with the mohair and took it around the room and had some fun. So I spent some time this afternoon undoing the damage. My goal is to be finished this week and post the end result.

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