Sunday, June 12, 2005

Here is the prayer shawl I knitted - I used Lion Brand Homespun with a color of Windsor - I used size 13 needles casting on 63 stitches. I think I could have gotten by with 57. I randomly placed some novelty yarn that was marine blue and green and purple, but the name escapes me as to what I used, and I can't find the wrapper - I hope it shows up - I know it is 100% nylon and I got it at Walmart. It was a little pricey, but it really makes and sets off the shawl and is super soft. Below is a close up of the shawl. The Homespun in the Windsor didn't seem to have the same texture as some of the other Homespuns. Has anyone else experienced that where it felt different yet should be the same yarn? This shawl is over 5 feet so I think it will need to be for someone larger. No fringe at the end, just the novelty yarn.

Close up of shawl Posted by Hello

Now, I am making progress on the branching out shawl from - it's been a test of perseverance and not for those that get easily frustrated. I have been mastering K3 together, and then was reading a pattern my dear friend Sharon found for me and it has a P7 together which I think is rather sadistic for someone to place into a pattern - that pattern is not on my next to do list, but it is pretty enough to have in my notebook of future items to knit.

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