Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I had a domestic moment - and Madli's shawl

Yes, I know some of you that know me might be surprised - but I decided to be domestic for a short bit in the kitchen. My husband reigns supreme in there since he is a superb cook, and in addition, presentation is also a part of his perfectionism. In the kitchen, I will liken us to Felix and Oscar from the Odd Couple, and for the most part, it is best that I leave culinary creations to him.

However, he brought home a nice big block of extra sharp cheddar cheese for making pimento cheese for sandwiches. Well, I can usually make that without making too huge of a mess, and I usually do a pretty good job of it. Grate the cheese, add diced pimentos (gotta watch out for SLICED pimientos, who easily disguise themselves on the shelves and will hop into the cart if you don't watch it), light mayonnaise, some cayenne pepper (I know mom, I will have to make some for you without), and this time, just for my friend Sharon, I added a bit of garlic salt to it (if I had had powder, I would have done that, but I had to use the salted version).

I don't make this often, usually at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and occasionally during the rest of the year when I know there are folks around that will enjoy it, and since I believe that Jim's son, Jimmy, likes it, I made a healthy batch. I do believe he has hollow legs at 15. Nothing wrong with that boy's appetite.

Now, to Madli's shawl, but before I get there, I want to thank all who have emailed me and left comments on the Faroese style shawl. Makes the heart glad to be affirmed from folks near and far in the work that is being knitted. Only a fellow knitter truly knows the work that is devoted to each piece.
I typed a lengthy note about Madli, and the merino extra fine wool and size 5 needles and how things weren't going well. Explorer decided to freeze up and eat my posting, so you will be relieved of my ponderings as to why I didn't think things were going well. However, I am trying the yarn on size 7 needles and giving Madli another chance. It's not going particularly well right now, and Madli is winning the fight, so I will wait to post a picture when I rectify the error of my ways - to show it now would not be meaningful to anyone so I thought I would post something my friend Sooz is knitting and obviously is having much more success than I am with Madli. Sooz is younger and wiser than me in that she doesn't bite off more than she can chew knit. Here is her project in the works for her daughter:

On another note, age has taught me not to run on slick concrete in the rain to save a cookbook -- what's a rained on book compared to a bum knee (see several days below).

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