Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Posted by Hello You see before you the same purse both before and after it was felted. I have used the purple wool(top and bottom of the purse) and the dark green yarn before - the lime green and the orange is tapestry yarn that Naomi graciouisly let me use.
Do not let the size of the picture deceive you - the prefelted size of the purse was a little bit bigger than the size of a notebook - afterwards, I took the picture of the felted purse ON the notebook and had room on all sides. Felting it twice I could still see each individual stitch - the third time around it truly felted and shrunk considerably. And it looks like it needs a shave. The others I have felted have not been this.....hairy.

ON another note. the buttonhole portion of the purse. I am not sure what I am doing to make it curl up - would it have helped to reduce the number of cast on stitches?

I did not follow the instructions from where I got the pattern from - Mason Dixon Knitting - I went straight up instead of giving it a "pursier look"
So my questionz are:
  • Can you shave the felting so it is less fuzzy?
  • how do you get the buttonhole from curling at the top?

This really looks more like a child's purse now.

Suggestions appreciated.

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