Saturday, June 25, 2005

Emergencies, dishcloth and a frog on the blog

What does this knee have to do with knitting?(other than the alliteration of the two words) It looks like the typical bum knee, but Susan wanted to save her beloved Annual Southern Living Cookbooks during an unexpected rainstorm and her knee will probably cost more than replacing those books - we got a phone call around 9 pm with Susan needing to go to the emergency room to make sure nothing was broken, plus a tetanus shot was in order (see the $$$$ adding up??) Most importantly, she is fine, but a bit "stoved up" today, and I think the next time those books are out and the rain begins, she might just SAUNTER over to get her books instead of making a mad dash (that comes with age too Sooz). However, let's move on as to what that knee has to do with knitting a dishcloth. When we got the call, of course we were glad to be called to sit wh ile her MOST ADORABLE children were at their most ADORABLE time - asleep in the bed. So Jim and I sat and watched flicked a variety of programs ( I was NOT in control of the remote). I had grabbed a skein of yarn and needles - I needed to do something I did not need a pattern, but didn't need the large prayer shawl that is too big to lug around now. So off we went, and this is how long the emergency room visit lasted (see dishcloth below) - now we aren't going to say HOW long it took, but we are going to measure this visit in dishcloth time - this visit took exactly ONE dishcloth's worth of time. Unconventional measure of time, but much more fun!

Now, let's move on to Annie, Mom's dog. Annie works like clockwork - around 10pm each night, she gets antsy by the sliding glass door. If you look at the bottom of the picture, you will see a toad (though for the purposes of a blog, don't you think frog on the blog sound better?) - Annie's hunting instincts kick in and she becomes the hunter that terriers can be. She HAS to go outside to torment this poor creature (we have finally realized there are 3 in the family, but one stays in the same spot at the sliding glass door each evening awaiting the abuse)

This is no innocent dog
Below is the victim toad - who seems to be unamused with the barking and tormenting the dog seems to delight in, and for all the toad lovers out there, we have yet to find a toad that has not survived the evening.

Victim toad awaiting its nightly torment by a Yorkshire Terrier, who points to it in true hunter instinct, but does nothing but bark at the toad. Are there any toad rescues out there to take this toad out of its misery?
So, Friday nights in southwest Georgia is not all boring - dishcloths, emergency rooms, dogs and frogs toads.

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Opal said...

I have a family of these toads in my garden. They're considered good luck and so far my garden is doing really well. The only 4 legged I have out there is my cat Cookie and she's very tolerant of other species. It's only felines she's not tolerant of.

Best of luck to your toads. :)