Monday, June 06, 2005

Felting with tapestry yarn

Before and after felting Posted by Hello
I experimented with some tapestry wool by Elsa Williams - Naomi, a good friend of mine has a box she purchased at our church bazaar years ago with ALL kinds of beautiful colors. I asked if I could experiment with some and so I gave it a test run. I used size 10 needles - and I doubled the yarn. Next go round, I think I will use a bigger needle size so the felting gets a tighter look. Thank you Naomi for sharing your stash for me to play with - now I want to get serious about the felting.


Ms. Thang Cherise said...

Hi Cathy,

No comment really just a ??? I was just wondering what weight would you say this yarn is

Cathy said...

I would guess a fingering to sport weight - hope that helps!