Monday, May 30, 2005

Mea Culpa - it's worse than I thought

Ok, this branching out is for the birds..... I was moving along rather nicely and then needed to tink tink tink - got to a place I was ready to knit again and started looking rather closely to the pattern I had knitted and found a huge flaw - I tried to capture it with a digital image, but it did not show up, but the big flaw is about half way through me knitting this part of the scarf, somehow I ended up with the wrong side being on the right side and vice versa. Now that was about more than a newly resurrected knitter could take, but having a bit of perseverance left in my tank, I just took the other end of the mohair and began again from the other end of the skein. They twill meet again and slowly I will tink, step by step, inch by inch until it becomes one again.

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