Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Branching out scarf finished and caterpillars

Annie, my Mom's dog is guarding this scarf - now Annie is not any ordinary yorkie - she has just had a new haircut, but she doesn't like her hair up so you can't see her eyes in this picture, but this dog deliberately stood by the scarf just so she could get into the act. Plus she wants to be on the Internet so all can see how cute she is. Her favorite thing to do right now is to bark at the toad that lives right outside the sliding glass door. She will also come to a point like she is hunting it. She is always ready for ACTION. However, the purpose of the picture really is to show off the branching out scarf that I found as a free pattern from knitty.com . I used size 7 needles and used baby kid mohair with it. I learned alot using this yarn, first and foremost is that it is a lot easier to KNIT with mohair than it is to RIP or TINK it out -I think I did more of the latter than I did of the former. But all 4 1/2 feet of it is finished except for the blocking, which will be done tomorrow. Below is a fuzzy close up.

Branching out close up before blocking Posted by Hello

Lastly, Rachael and I went over to see the caterpillars that are eating all the fennel to prepare for their last stage before becoming butterflies. Davis is taking good care of the caterpillars and watching them eat to their hearts content. They stay in a caterpillar nursery most of the time except when we are taking pictures. These will be swallowtails when they come out of their chrysallis.

Today, my mom got connected to DSL so hopefully she can cruise the Internet at breakneck speed. All you folks that email her can now send her a picture and it won't take forever to download. Plus she can talk on the phone AND cruise the Internet. - just doesn't get better than that now, does it Mom?

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