Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sampler Shawl and Knotty Lady

Did you know that casting on 401 stitches is a pain?? It's even crazier to be knitting all the time wondering if you are going to "get it right." But plod along I have gone today, until my yarn got tangled. Since Madli's shawl had an early demise and never really even made it through the first phase, I started at the other end of the skein (big mistake), until I hit an impasse of knots because one end got twisted with the other. ( I really should have taken a picture of the tangled mess, but it was quite embarrassing that I had allowed it to get to such a state.) Finally, I have untangled the mess and should have smooth sailing (caution to the wind - probably should never state that - that will jinx me for sure).

On another knitting knote(couldn't resist the alliteration), Marcia is who I am referring to when I call her the "knotty lady" - because in our shawl ministry, we make the shawls and some of the shawls have fringe on the end. The yarn I use frays a good bit, so at the end of each string, I knot it to keep it from fraying. She was the sucker saint that offered to knot the ends of the fringe. In all seriousness, I am grateful that she is doing it, and she gets to add her prayers to the prayer shawl!
Not only is tomorrow a new month, but it is a special day in our family. Angus, my oldest, will be 28 - pictures forthcoming on his birthday!!!

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