Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yesterday passed without a needle being picked up to knit - just had too much going. School does put a bit of a dent in time, but I did get home and knit a bit on the baby blanket I am working on for a dear friend's soon to be born grandchild. Here it is:

This blanket comes from Knit Along with Debbie Macomber - she wrote the book The Shop On Blossom Street, which is a story about a woman who opens a yarn shop and has a knitting class of three women who become a part of the class and develop friendships, but not without a few bumps in the road along the way. However, she has 11 very nice and different baby afghans, some traditional, some a little offbeat, mostly easy with yarn that is found in Walmart and other discount craft stores. It has an edge and thought I would show a little bit of the picture in the book to see the finished edge that I haven't gotten to yet (the only reason why I ordered this is I saw the book in a bookstore and really liked the patterns. I didn't get it then, but later ordered it. GREAT pictures.

The edging will really make a difference and it is added on to the center of the afghan. This will be my first attempt at doing something like this, so will be a little challenge.
My life has been rather mundane, and I would like to keep it at a low roar. However, I must say Yarn Harlot's August 9th entry wins the prize for one of the funniest stories I have read in quite some time. Leave it to the Harlot to continue to keep us laughing at her life's stories. It's a must read. Thanks, Stephanie.

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Emily said...

I loved yesterday's Harlot entry, too, and the Extreme Knits entry (how can any of us top that?)