Sunday, August 07, 2005

A casualty and thoughts on a book

Dearest Annie,

Contrary to your popular belief, the item you decided to use as a toothpick or a chew toy is not that at all, but a size 3 needle. My size 3 knitting needles are now deemed useless, thanks to you, unless someone knows how to knit with one needle (I think that is termed crocheting, but this lacks a hook). What I don't understand it how you got it since it was on the table when I left for the church's book club meeting this evening (more on that later). Don't even try to look innocent. You were caught red handed - YOU ARE GUILTY AS CHARGED.
(Mom, don't try to get your dog out of the dog house - she was caught with it in her mouth and then she tried to HIDE).

Tonight at St. John's Episcopal Church Book Club, we discussed this book - Purple Hibiscus : A Novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - a story about a Nigerian girl and family raised in a Roman Catholic family headed by a father who is an oblate of a religious order and has taken his religion to an extreme that is abusive and oppressive. The story turns when she goes to her aunt's home and life is very different. Certainly lots to discuss in terms of our faith and when and how it can be skewed and distorted to the point of it no longer being the faith that it was intended to be. The book was on the long list for the Orange Prize for literature and very well written.
Our book group is small and always has a lively discussion, not limited to the members of our congregation. We also made some decisions on upcoming books so we have September through November decided on now. Here is the upcoming list:

December we are researching - know any good books for Advent or Christmas that has some meat to it and might be good for discussion? We are open to recommendations!

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Emily said...

Maybe you could invent some new needlecraft technique with the, ahem, interesting shape of that size 3 needle in the photo.

Or perhaps, being good Episcopalians, we should write a liturgy for the passing of a beloved knitting needle. . .