Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ignoring it won't make it go away

I have been ignoring it for awhile as though it might go away, but it's not. And time is ticking where it will become real. Laura will soon be going away to college. She has finished two years at the local college and we were on borrowed time - but even though today we had delay in the move due to the fact that the rain continues to tease and soak us, the time is coming when she will soon be moving to finish college. So right now, I am pretending this is a temporary thing and as soon as she finishes, she will be right back, but of course that is a pipe dream (well maybe it isn't, there are those children that continue to remain at home into their twenties).

This is the little girl who spent over a month at ballet in the corner watching everyone else, but not participating until she felt like it. This is the little girl who got an "Needs Improvement" in kindergarten, because at PE, she would not participate the first 6 weeks (need I say she is a cautious, careful child who thinks everything out before acting upon it?). She is the one that clung to my leg and attached herself to me as though she was a permanent attachment to my body. Unlike her older sister, who would go off with the gypsies, she preferred staying close to my side. Now she is taking her wings and going to test them out, majoring in Chemistry (I must brag she made an A in Organic Chemistry I and a B in Organic Chemistry II, but cannot take any genetic credit in that particular subject. ( I DO hear her sing in her bedroom with a clear pure singing voice that I WILL take credit for, but she continues to hide under a bushel).
She and her sister will be living together, as Allison finishes up her degree this semester, lest we cut off the apron strings.
After I finish writing this, I will resume pretending it's not going to happen until I have a reality check (how much do I write that one for?) -- I will keep you posted when it all crashes in and I realize what has happened. If it keeps on raining we are transporting the rest of the good by ark UHAUL so she can get situated by the beginning of classes. (She doesn't know it now, but I can hear her singing as I type - I hope she will come out from under that bushel.)

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Anonymous said...

There is no way you will remember how through the years I have observed that you were a "gentle shepherd" to your children.

They have prospered and thrived and she will too -

Just let me know how the Shepherd is doing once this one of the flock has gone. I am sincerely thinking of you because I know how hard it is - but you have given her what she needs - you will be fine. (I think!!)

Pam Searcy