Saturday, August 13, 2005

Off to college

Today began early - the bed and washer and dryer were all loaded to make its way to college. Laura's Jeep stayed here for her dad to use it for work since his was at the shop. So she drove with us, to come back and pick up her car later. Probably best that it stayed here since it broke down. Moving to college with your car breaking down on our way to college would be more than we could handle, so it worked for the best. Thank goodness two young men were hanging around the newly built apartment complex - we needed the brawn to help us with the washer and dryer (not to mention we had to take the doors off the hinges in the kitchen to get them through the narrow space). Those fellows had the right idea to hang around for the parents and students that needed extra muscle to help along and pick up a buck or two for the day.

After eating lunch, we came back to the apartment and I schnookered my daughter graciously agreed, unknown she was a victim of the knitter's newest fad, to carry "the sock" to document their blogs - so Laura, you are the first one to become a part of this and to debut my first attempt at "sockdom":

I started the sock on the way over to take her to school - I will be frank - when I started, I thought I would never get through the first couple of rows. I felt like I had all thumbs and folks were loopy for even attempting socks. Then a transformation occurred and lo and behold, it became easier, and the rhythm of knitting using 5 needles became easier. And then....while sitting and talking to Laura and Cierra, (as Jim was putting a new plug on the dryer since the outlet and the plug did not fit), we hear music. I thought at first it was one of the girl's cell phones, with a catchy familiar tune -- my ears do not always locate the sound like it used to. I realized the music was coming from outside and the music drifting through the air was then clearing out the cobwebs of my brain...... and this is what we saw outside

Now, I have a confession to make - I have probably warped my first born child (not the child in this picture) and will be accused of abuse, but the ice cream truck, at our house when my eldest child was little, was not the ice cream man, but the music man. I told him that his truck had music on it and he drove around playing music. Well, when Angus went to school, at about the age of 6 or 7, my son came home tell me, "Mom, you know the music man?" He sells ice cream too. I had to act surprised since I did not want my son know that I had deprived him for years on that one. Anyway, the ice cream man drives through the apartment complexes for all the students who missed out on the opportunity and are living the last vestiges of their childhood as they go to college. I spared Laura today from too much embarrassment. I did NOT make the ice cream man hold the sock (as I know the HARLOT would), and will wait for a more opportune time to pull out that stunt.
Laura and Cierra came back home and got a few more things, took my van (I know she loved going in my van without a radio, since mine has died) and returned. Here they both are in front of their important - they make a cute pair:

Laura and Cierra, have fun in your new abode, and next time I will buy you an ice cream off the truck.

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Emily said...

Great sock! And LOL about the music man!