Saturday, August 27, 2005

Don't be a goob!

I walked outside my front door and found this:

Now if you know what they are, you know what a gold mine they are - they are a main food item in many many homes.
We are going to boil 'em and salt them!
I was going to knit this afternoon until these appeared - that was "all she wrote" plans changed and to work we went for our upcoming feast!
Know what they are? ? ? Come on and join us! Enter your comment if you know what they are! Don't be a "goob" - tell us what they are!


Emily said...

Are those peanuts?

Cathy said...

YEP! Goober peas!

sooz said...

goober, do you have any left?? we're back in town and love boil p-nuts.

Jess said...

well that shows I'm from New England, I was going to guess taters...which then goes on to show my geekiness because the next thing I want to say is..."whatsss taters, precioussss?" (Gollum...LOTR...oh nevermind)

Denise said...

Goober Peas, yum yum. Lucky you, they don't grow so well this far north in Michigan.