Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I am missing a thingy on my wool winder

How many of you have a wool winder? I am so proud of mine - so proud, that I excitedly will take it anywhere that anyone that MIGHT need their yarn wound into a ball. I am fascinated by how it works, and will wind a ball for no other reason but to watch how neatly it makes the thread pattern itself around the ball. So, Sooz calls me to join in an old fashioned yarn winding - and, as I walked out of the car, in my haste, the wing nut fall off the bottom, along with the missing thingy. That wouldn't be so bad except it was already dark and it fell on the driveway at Sooz's. So I hunted and found the blue plastic thingy - and knew I was missing the wing nut - found that as I was leaving. However, NOW there is the black "thingy" that goes on the blue "thingy" that is made of a rubber/cushion substance that offers the grip to the grip that the wing nut tightens onto a table to hold the wool winder. Now, this is getting a bit discombobulated if you have never seen a wool winder, since "thingys" is a generic term for any thing we don't have a name for - I don't even have a picture of it because..... it is the part that is missing. So..... if anyone can supply this blog with the "thingy" part image that is missing, I will post the image on my blog and give you full credit for it. Along with that I will add your blog to my links on the side for going the extra mile.


Anonymous said...

Cathy, the missing thingy sounds like a washer. NAomi

Jess said...

I know of your 'thingy' and shall have a photo for you on the 'morrow (I just got back from vacation or I'd have it for you right now but I gotta unpack or my name shall be Mudd). I also have a suggestion to replace your 'thingy' - get some of that cushiony stuff you can use to stop up drafts in your windows or doors in the wintertime that is sticky on one side and not sticky on the other (I think they have it at WalMart year-round - if you can't find it let me know and I'll even send you some) and stick a bit of it on your blue whatchamacallit so it won't slip off the table when you're winding the yarn onto the doo-hickey ;o)