Thursday, July 07, 2005

Winding more than a mile

Well, today's project was a two woman job since I have not splurged and purchased a swift yet. I had 2400 yards of fingerling merino wool that was in a hank that needed to be wound. Sharon, who has the patience of Job, stuck with me the entire time, and was the chief problem solver when we got to the places where things tangled up to an almost mess.
We figured we would wind this job up (no pun intended) in about an hour, well, we made it a 3 hour job and finally when we got finished, we should have opened up a bottle of wine for the hard work (how come I didn't think of that before??)

Backing up into the day, I knitted some with Naomi this morning and came home with some feltable yarn - so I can't wait to make her a buttonhole purse - most of it is tapestry yarn, but some was some she got from a LYS in Lubbock, Texas some time ago, so I think it's going to be made into the purse.
In addition to this, she provided me with additional colors to include in there so we will have a purse of many colors - here's the loot lovely tapestry yarn.

Do not for once believe this is distracting me from my sampler shawl, it is simply enhancing my appreciation of the many colors available to us and want to be an equal opportunity knitter.

I would be remiss in not mention the tragic loss of lives in the terroristic acts that occurred in London today - innocent lives were lost to senseless acts of violence. Pray for peace, the victims involved, and to a city and world that is having to relive another 9-11.

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