Monday, July 04, 2005

Can this error be fixed without frogging?

I have an error in my sampler shawl (from the Book Folk shawls, page 134, row 9 in pattern 1) and I know what it is - each marker should have 14 stitches - and the first in this photo does, the second has 13 stitches - which mean that I did not yarn over in the place where the arrows are marking about 3 rows back. After the last row of the pattern, I knit and then I purled. I need to get the stitch back in there. Is there a way to fix it without frogging? I know I could "fix" it by just increasing in the next row and be on my merry way, but that wouldn't quite be right either. I am hoping that someone with more experience than me can offer me some words of wisdom or a solution. What's the verdict?

On another note, it's the 4th of July and a quiet one in this household. Dear husband is mowing the lawn, laundry is in the works and the menu for the day has yet to be determined. This evening will be watching a Capitol 4th - some friends from church, John, Marcia, and son Ashton will be there with thousands to celebrate in grand form - surely we will get to see them - I know they will be a fashion statement worthy of a camera to find them! If not, I know they will have pictures they will share when they get back. Maybe we will get a picture to make them victims of being blogged.

What are you doing for your 4th of July experrience??? Leave comments to share!


Emily said...

Can't help on the lace but I am knitting away myself on this 4th. Then we are going to scenic Yukon, OK with friends from DH's church for fireworks and a picnic. It rained here this morning so we also got a relatively cool walk in by the lake. A very satisfying 4th!

Sandi said...

I feel for you on the missing YO. I did the same thing on my Mama's shawl. But, I didn't catch it till finished and it's 60 rows down. I ended up just splitting my yarn plys and using one to sew it so it appears to have a yarn over in the right place. There was no way I was going to frog that much after doing it at least 10 times before getting the pattern down.

Sarah said...

Yes, you can fix it. Just knit to that stitch. Drop the stitches down and use a crochet hook or knitting needle to not only "knit" the existing stich but also add a yo.

I am currently knitting lace and use this technique or something similar to "find" my yo's!

Kate said...

Sarah had it right. This is easy to fix. The important thing is do not panic. I have done this so many times - you'd think I would have learned to count all the stitches between the markers, every single time, but I still make the same mistake.