Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The dogs seem to be excited - probably the neighbors too - as I collected the first batch of limbs, compliments of Hurricane Dennis, who proceeded to prune the pine trees. I took the wagon to the far end of the back corner of the back yard - Now the back yard is about 1/2 acre - and after about a 25X25 section, I filled the big garden wagon. The dogs were quite amused. (Sorry the camera was inside>0 My criteria for stopping:
  • I filled up the wagon
  • I was pouring sweat - it is 110% humidity outside, I don't care if there is no such thing.
  • I wanted to make sure my other family members truly appreciated the amount of limbs there were(except for my dear husband who does this on a regular basis and never complains, nor does he do what I have done in setting up the criteria.

And, as promised, the dishcloth is proof of my presence with nature, that I did sweat a little, and that, I do, really do have a dishcloth in the making, using Granny's favorite as the present pattern. Easy to memorize and quick. I am using size 5 needles on this one along with Paton's Grace mercerized yarn. It's a little finer than the regular dishcloth yarn and has a nice sheen.

The sampler shawl I am working on keeps on giving me the challenge that I guess students feel when in school. Do it over and over again until you get it right, says the teacher. Practicing what I do 180 school days a year. No matter what I will get a picture up tomorrow.

Now Susan was organizing her closet today - I was generous with my quilting fabric in a plastic tub for her to use for a quilt she was GOING to make. Well, she returned it on the pretense that she was cleaning out. Methinks she is making room for YARN STASH and hasn't told anyone yet the method to her madness. I sat with her at the church supper tonight, but didn't say it there since her DH was there :) . She did bring 2 adorable hats she created and if she reads this and sends me images, I will post them. Sooz, you reading this? Have the kids model them!

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Emily said...

LOVE the dishcloth on the road photos (and nice Denise needles, too--I like mine quite a bit).