Saturday, July 09, 2005

Knitting, Felting, and Hurricane Dennis

I have been having a blast playing with all of the wool yarn to make my friend's purse - it's like being a child in a toy closet. Can't wait to finish it and see it's end result!

On a side note, I ordered a couple of books, Knitter's Stash: Favorite Patterns from America's Yarn Shops and Folk Vests: 25 Knitting Patterns & Tales from Around the Worldand Sugar the cat immediately found a hiding place from Tillie and Annie, who delight in tormenting playing with her when she would be much more content napping. Don't think there is any abuse, Tillie and Annie are Yorkshire Terriers and their size is about tit for tat with the cat (a feeble attempt at a Dr. Seussism).

Yesterday I received this book in the mail from the folks at Maran - they seem to have books that specialize in illustrated "how to" books - well I must admit, I am very impressed with the photographs of how to do a myriad of things that deal with knitting and crocheting. My mother LOVED the book - I will even go out on a limb and put it out there with the Vogue Knitting book - now I know that there are those that believe that IS the bible of knitting books, but this one has got great photos, graphics and patterns to go with it. Hats off to Maran for a job well done.

Today was our day to meet for Shawl Ministry - 7 were in attendance and a lovely baby shawl/blanket was presented. Sharon's mother knitted it and the blanket speaks for itself. The work is absolutely exquisite and I would love to learn the pattern. I know I should not envy other's work, but I must say this is beautiful.
Here is a picture of a button hole purse that is in its prefelted state. It has now been felted and I will post it tomorrow. I think it turned out nicely and I hope that Naomi likes it too.

We will not (hopefully) receive a direct hit from Hurricane Dennis, but we have already begun to receive the bands of rain that will be with us for some time now. Let us pray for those that will be more affected than we will as they have already experienced far more than many of us have in a lifetime.

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Very adorable kitty all snug in that box. >^..^<