Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Measuring time with knitting

A watch or clock was nowhere to be found, but that didn't deter me from seeing how long it was going to take my friend Naomi to have her knee surgery to repair her meniscus (sp?). I will spare you the pictures of her knee to conform to confidentiality issues (notice somewhere that I didn't adhere to that with Susan's knee somewhere else in the blog) - but I would have had to have grabbed the pictures out of the surgeon's hand and I do have some bit of couth about me (and for some of you that might be a debatable subject). Anyway, I decided to knit a dishcloth while waiting for the surgery to be completed. If I had tried to knit a dishcloth during the surgery, poor Naomi would have about 1/4 of a dishcloth, but the prewaiting allowed me to finish the shrimp colored KAL and then complete a Granny's favorite and begin another using the Chinese Wave knitting pattern (still on needle). Naomi, your souvenir for your surgery is the completed multicolored dishcloth, let me finish the ends and I will get it to you.
Now, sometimes you can meet the nicest folks by chance, and today I did by phone. I had been eyeing this cool looking purse pattern on eBay for some time and so I went to her web site to see all she had. I placed my order for the Loop de Loo purse and the hats, and paid for it. Well somehow Roxanne (who is the Crazy Yarn lady) - got notification I had paid, but the details did not come through as to what (now that I think about it, that very well could be my fault, but that is a different story) - she emailed me AND called me to make sure we got everything settled to my satisfaction before I even knew there was a problem with the order. NOW THAT IS SERVICE. And to boot, we had the most delightful conversation and find out she is also a school teacher (how come that doesn't surprise me that she was - she was so nice - 2nd grade teacher by the way). I have already received the downloadable pattern and will wait for the other in the mail. So...... go to see Crazy Yarn Lady's web site - you will be glad you did.
By the way, Naomi's surgery, in terms of real time instead of dishcloth time - Naomi got to the hospital at 1ish and was home a little bit after 7 - and looked great!!! a total of about 6 hours isn't too bad considering!

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