Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sampler Shawl and Summer

Here is a picture of the Sampler Shawl I am working on from the book Folk Shawls. It's a KAL (Knit Along) in the Folk Shawls email list. I am on the first pattern about half way through the second of a 12 repeat row. Once I am through with the second 12 row repeat, I will go on to the 2nd pattern. It's working up nicely with the merino wool I am using. I am using size 7 needles with Denise circulars. Casting on 401 stitches was no fun, and getting it started wasn't either, but it is starting to move now and getting a little easier. I am going to try to finish the first pattern tomorrow and get started on the second. This is an extra fine yarn, and I wonder how fingerling would work.

Summer just doesn't get much better than this. Rachael decided to play with the water hose. The only better picture I could have gotten (thank you to dear daughter Laura for the picture) was the one with her Wellies on - which she had on when she came inside to share what she had been doing. This picture personifies her personality - Rachael is a ballful of energy whose battery rarely slows down. On the flip side she is a doll at church and is learning to follow the prayer book and hymnal well. Each Sunday she gets better and better!

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