Friday, July 15, 2005

A little heat relief

When it gets hot enough here, the only relief we seem to get is to get a rain. However, there is a flip side to that coin, because mugginess sets in and the air gets so thick you can cut with a knife. This afternoon, the bottom let out and the rain set in for a couple of hours. So we have some relief from the oppressive heat, but the mugginess is with us.

The Knit Along from the Dish Cloth email group I belong to had days 2 and 3 posted, so I have 2 pictures - one of Day 2 and one of Day 3

Day 2

Day 3
Ok folks on the KAL, does your Day 2 and 3 look like that? Also notice the needle on day 2 - the bottom got a little chewed up by one of my furry friends in the house. No one is fessin' up either.
My only thoughts on the dishcloth is that I think I would add a garter stitch around the bottom and sides.
The fennel in my backyard is now full of eggs and caterpillars, so it won't be long before the fennel is gone. Once they find it - whoosh! My milkweed has yet to be discovered by the monarchs and looks like aphids have had a feast day - no Monarch caterpillars that I can see.
Here are some black swallowtail "cats" and an egg.

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