Thursday, July 21, 2005

Knit in

I am having to really think about yesterday - because I went in so many directions I am having to recreate in my head what all happened yesterday. And, do you think I might have taken picture of something yesterday for the those who liked to be entertained visually? I just might have to take out of my archives of pictures something to satisfy those that like pictures, albeit that it may have nothing to do with knitting.
On the more serious side, I have a friend, Betty, who is in the hospital, she took a spill and has 2 shiners and a goose egg - I sat with her for a bit in the morning time. We are all wishing her well and hope she is on the mend soon.
I did seem to fit in a little snooze for about 30 minutes yesterday which refueled the old engine - Sooz and my project manager for caterpillars, Davis, and his assistant Mary G came over for more fennel. My neighbor, Linda, appeared, and we took a visit in her garden. Now Linda has no ordinary garden, she has a garden of yarn art and here I bring out of my archives a picture of her work For me to select just one picture does not do justice for the amount of work that she has placed in her garden, nor does it even put a dent into the haystack of unique artifacts she has in every nook and cranny.

Now the day was just cranking up as my friend Sharon and Sooz were on a mission to Tallahassee - we had heard of a knit in at Hopkins Eatery and just from the mere fact that it was there lured us out of our sleepy town to have a scrumptious sandwich. But before we went there, the car veered left to Joanns to scope out their stash of yarn. Well none of us would go so far as leaving with NOTHING, so each of us added a little bit more of our stash, plus when we got to the register, the reduced yarn was an extra 30% off, so if we had known that I am sure we would have gotten more. Probably a good idea we didn't know.....
Ellen was at the knit in so it was really nice to see her before she jaunts out to California (bet she finds a yarn shop), and we got to see her progress on her tank top she is knitting for her daughter (sorry, no photo - brain spasm) - We met another nice knitter there who was working on a scarf. We had 2 hours of uninterrupted knitting, PLUS some good sandwiches and dessert.
All in all, it was a full day and a good day and we came home safe and sound. Perhaps I will take pictures of acquired yarn later to share.

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