Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lazy days of summer

Today I said I would post a picture of my sampler shawl, but I am working backwards again - somehow there is an error and I am trying to find it. It will show up soon, this shawl will not defeat me.

After I picked up Rachael from summer camp at the college, we went over to my caterpillar caretaker Davis's house to deliver some swallowtail and gulf fritillary cats (short for caterpillars) -- Davis was busy doing more important playwork so Susan and I took pictures for proof of the caterpillars This first one is on fennel and is a swallowtail caterpillar.

The orange and black one is a gulf
fritillary on a passion plant. I would have photographed the beautiful flower, but it had wilted by the time I had traveled 2 blocks over. It's that stinkin' hot right now.

Now, knitters that are blogaholics know the harlot carries around a sock in progress wherever she goes to document her jaunts and travels. Well, since I don't have a sock under my belt yet, I best leave the sock to the experts, and carry around the most basic and lovely of projects, a dishcloth. Now you don't see a picture of one here that I was working on, because by the time I got one on the needles, the camera was being protected from the waterhose and the slip and slide. However, I think the rag washcloth or dishcloth is just my speed and is just as portable as a sock, not to mention it might be able to clean up any spills along the way. So I hereby proclaim that the cloth will travel to the most humble and exciting of places, surely to embarass anyone (other than an understanding fellow knitter) of the importance of the cloth.

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