Thursday, July 14, 2005

No Bones About it

There are no bones about it today - the weather is hot - hot enough that these are the days I think seriously about getting a pool in our backyard - it's the kind of hot that can make you sick - the heat index is 97 degrees, but I don't even believe that. Even if we went into a pool, the water would probably be close to 90 degrees - the south Georgia heat is relentless, there is no breeze - you want to know why southerners move at a slower pace??? Just come visit us in this heat and you will know why...... So I whine in my air conditioned house knowing full well there are others without air conditioning, there are others working out in the hot fields working so we have food to put on our tables.
However, I did get out a little today and determined that staying inside was a better alternative. I am trying not to knock the a/c down a notch to conserive electricity, so I stay underneath the ceiling fan.
On another more positive note, Mom and I had a 'mater sandwich for lunch, along with watermelon for dessert - that was refreshing.

I am participating in a Knit Along (KAL) with a dishcloth email list- this is the first day's assignment - by the end of Day ? a completed dishcloth will be done - so far it is a mystery!

DAY KAL 7-14-05

As promised, come rain or shine, I said I would post the Sampler Shawl from Folk Shawls. I was clipping about rather nicely and then stumbled so am going just a little bit in reverse, but I am not gonig to let it get me down. Allison, the oldest daughter, gave me the thumbs of approval on this and that is no easy feat. Tomorrow, I intend to move forward at a nice pace. I am working on size 7 Denise needles using extra fine merino wool.
By the way, I have strategically placed myself underneath an A/C vent with the ceiling fan on me -- there is no way I could do it otherwise. Sometimes we just have to make sacrifices and this can not be worked on while HOT.

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kit said...

Cathy, I think service as we knew it is dead. Your new yarn is lovely just sorry you had to experience the bad to get to the good. Peace, K