Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What has happened to good business practices?

Today I went to a yarn shop which will remain nameless. I needed to get a specific yarn type that I knew I would have to go to a specialty shop to get. (By the way - it is gorgeous enough to warrant this picture.) Underneath this yarn said SALE 10% off - now......10% off is not a great discount, but it's a discount! So I said, oh this is great - the yarn I want is discounted! The business owner said - Oh no honey, that was last Friday and Saturday, you needed to come those days, not today. I said Oh, gee, I didn't know - I usually get your email about your sales, but didn't receive it. She asked me if I was on the list (oh yes, I have received the emails before, but not this one), so I asked her about some other yarn that I needed and she said oh yes we have moved it back here - it was on sale on Friday and Saturday also. Well, that blew a little more wind out of my sail again ---- I travel over an hour to get to the store, she takes the sale signs off in front of me because she wasn't here yesterday (Tuesday - did they get a discount with others working in the store???). I think I am busy savvy enough to have honored the posted 10% off, eaten a buck or two, and made a happy customer. I don't have to travel, use my gas, or have a business owner tell me that the email was sent out and it's only for Friday and Saturday, even if I do have the signs up saying it's on sale. What gives with this sort of treatment? So I might have to wait a few days to get the yarn I want, but I will think long and hard before going into this yarn shop again. Perhaps she has all the business she wants or needs! I know some other good yarn shops PLUS there is online businesses that will honor their customers to keep them when and will go beyond the call of duty to make them happy.
What's the yarn for? I will save it for another posting - I want to make sure we do not confuse the two businesses.
Just to clarify, this is not PMS, this is not a testosterone surge, or any of the other causes of why I might post this that someone may think that Cathy is losing it, has gone yarny, or a few yards short of a full skein. (ooh I like that expression - did I make that one up?).


Teresa said...

I have worked retail most of my adult life (am a stay at home mom now, and like it much better) and I can tell you, that NORMAL buisness practices are to honor the sale, if the sign is posted. but only to those who saw it.

Anonymous said...

Cathy; I have a great yarn store here. She has gone beyond the call. If she had made a mistake and left a sign up like that she would have honored it. Plus she has coupons that when you spend so much at the store she gives you a coupon for $20.00 off your next purchase. Plus she has a drawing for kits, yarn, handmade items and needles each month. I will miss her shop when I move to MA. Bobbie
P.S. I drive almost an hour to get to her shop also.