Thursday, September 29, 2005

MMMMMM - Ethereal

In past postings, you have been aware of my love of Hildegard's music. My friend, Trilla, told me about HildeGirls and their devotion to her music. Well, Susan Lincoln, their leader has a CD with her music. Mother Heart is a collection of Hildegard's music and Lincoln has produced a CD that offers a peaceful meditative collection of music to for today's listener. (If you want to hear a full excerpt of one of the selections, click here to download.
I had to read the jacket to see where it was recorded (in a studio I believe) because I could close my eyes and pretend I was in an empty cathedral, listening to the sound travel around the stone walls. In addition, I thought I heard a couple of overtones (was my ear playing tricks on me or what it the "magic" of a studio???) Nevertheless, I was quite pleased with the sound, and my DH's remark was, "this is nice music to go to sleep to" -- that is the supreme compliment from him, who thinks my musical tastes are a bit quirky, since he is mostly a 1970s music fan, but slowly but surely is coming around....

Think I will go and listen a little to the music. Susan if you are around, please let me know if my ears are hearing overtones, or did you all put that in there???


Donna said...

Thanks for the interesting suggestion. Do you like boiled peanuts? I went to school in Georgia (Emory) and never learned to eat those things.

Cathy said...

Boiled Peanuts? Oh yes, we love them here - they are dangerous to have around!!! I don't put as much salt on them as others. Nothing much better than boiled peanuts..well maybe chocolate..