Saturday, October 01, 2005

Close, but no cigar

Ever had a project deadline for knitting and get so close you can taste it, but can't get to the finish line? Well, today that happened. I had in the making a baby blanket, with an edging (I have had an awakening - I want to do a blanket that when it is done, it is done - no more of this edging stuff)

I worked a good bit on the edging last night and got to a point that the contact lenses had dried out. Got up early and started working on it...and I kept on making mistakes, but was clipping along and I had already sewn part of the edging on, to gauge how much more I had to do. Well...then Laura needed a ride to get her car/Jeep. Anxiety started rising - the drop in shower had already begun and I had not finished the blanket.

Plan B - go to local gift shop - find a little something to bring to shower.

The blanket will get finished... it's almost done.
Has this ever happened to you?
Procrastination...the thief of time.

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