Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

(a picture of us on a cruise 2 years ago)

Today is my Mom's birthday. They don't get any better than her! Some things that you may or may not know about her:

  • She was born in Perry, Florida.
  • She attended FSU the first year it became coed.
  • She worked 34 years at Florida State University before retiring.
  • She has a room named after her at FSU in the Center for Professional Development.
  • She and Dad were ALMOST married 50 years until he passed away 2 months before their anniversary.
  • She ate a lot of beans and weiners because my Dad loved them (we won't go into detail about what happens afterwards).
  • She doesn't eat them now
  • She has 5 grandchildren, 3 of who are mine - they love their "Mimi"
  • She and I went on a cruise and she loved it and she would like to go again (save those pennies Mom)
  • She snores.
  • She has spunk.
  • She's given up cooking and has never looked back.
  • She especially likes my husband's cooking.
  • She thinks my husband is a keeper (and I do too).
  • She enjoys going out to eat at different places.
  • She is going out to eat for her birthday.
  • Her dog is named Annie (and her picture has been on this blog before she was).
  • She is the BEST MOM!

Please leave a Happy Birthday to my Mom in the comments - this blog posting is one of her gifts for her birthday - she is a gift to me!



Anonymous said...

It's obvious that you adore your mom. Happy, happy birthday to "Mimi". Have a fabulous dinner and birthday!

Janet - regular/non-blogger reader

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mimi, we love you! La and Allison

Anonymous said...

It's your birthday, Hooray!
Hope it was terrific.
It was fun to read Cathy's blog (Hi!Cathy), and learn more about you.
Your friend from the Prayer Shawl group and church,
Sharon F.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reflection on a fabulous lady! Hope you guys had a wonderful dinner and shopping in t'ville.

JessaLu said...

Happy Birthday!! My daughter calls her paternal grandmother Mimi also :o)