Monday, September 19, 2005

Lost Dog Now Found

A new picture is to the left - my college daughter took this picture and sent it to me through email. It's a better picture than the one I had taken - this one is attached to the mailbox.

Our dog must be able to read. Our daughter Rachael, posted this on the mailbox Sunday and Chin must have read it:

(You can click on the image to read it - it's legible enough for our dog to read).

Rachael is in 2nd grade and is proud of her ability to write.

We live in a small town - the kind of town where our mail person found Chin a couple of blocks away and put her in the mail truck and brought her home. (Not divulging any more info so as not to get the postman in trouble). Also, we do not intentionally let our dogs go free. Chin is an escape artist and can weasel her way through LOTS of situations. She loves walking with the walkers in the neighborhood and then will spin spend ( one of my daughters left a comment for me to correct this - good catch!) the night at their house and mosey on back to the house.

Chin has a distinctive feature that makes her who she is - she has an underbite in which her lower teeth are visible. She was an orphan brought to church in side of a baseball cap on a cold February night. She likes to perch herself on top of the sofa to keep up with the activities of the neighborhood. She will walk with the daily walkers if given a chance, spend the night (or 2) and show up back home. Some claim her as their part time dog.

So......if you come walking down our street, you just might find a dog that wants to walk with you, or you might find a sign on the mailbox doing an all call for our gypsy dog....

For the time being, Chin is sleeping underneath the chair at the computer, saving up her energy for her next walk.


Songbird said...

What a relief! I'm so glad the prodigal, dog...has returned.

Birdsong said...

Cathy, I am SO glad for you.. I lost my dear dog last winter and didn't return (another escape artist, who apparently had run through his nine lives). I still haven't been able to get another yet. As for the purse, I used one of the fur yarns, probably Lion Brand Fun Fur, and there is still a strand of wool carried with it, so when it felts the wool shrinks up and brings the fuzzy fur closer together, making a nice, dense trim. Try it!

JessaLu said...

okay that letter by your daughter was the CUTEST thing EVER.

Anonymous said...

chin likes to "spin" the night places? proofread

Running2Ks said...

What adorable signage. How precious!