Saturday, September 10, 2005

Shawl Ministry Meeting September 10

Today we had our shawl ministry meeting. Many shawls blessed from the busy hands and needles. Some shawls were created for specific people and are ready to go to those prayed for while being knitted. Others were prayed over while knitted for the future receiver as the Holy Spirit leads us in finding the receiver.

A picture of pure joy on the faces of these participants in the group!

Hildegard von Bingen's music on the CD Vision was the background music during our meeting.
I have had the CD for years and remains one of my favorites. I call is crossover music, because it has taken the ancient music of Hildegard and "nuked" it to a new age sound and pallatable for today's listener.

Several of the group will work on a project "Cloths for Katrina" and make cotton washcloths for the victims of the hurricane. We have set a goal of 50 washcloths over the next month. I KNOW we will do it! Will keep all updated on how it is going. I have 6 completed now.

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Sue said...

What a wonderful idea Cathy! Our shawl group meets every second Tuesday. I'll pass along what your group is doing....either shawls or cloths, I suspect my group will love the idea!