Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yes we do have a sky

Oh yes, I am a sucker game for posting a sky scene for a skein or so of yarn. Sandy caught the attention of Yarn Harlot to become worthy of recognition. And, to give away Lorna's Laces as the prize. Is she a millionaire? Does she own the company? Is she allergic to the colorway? That I do not know, but I do know that my backyard is the scene of the cloudy sky of south Georgia at a cooler than yesterday 80 degrees (yesterday at 8:15 pm was 88 degrees).

Last night we had our first Knit in for Cloths for Katrina. Seven were in attendance and we are well on our way to the goal of 50 cloths. Unfortunately, Rita is attempting, quite successively it seems, to give us a repeat performance in Texas. RITA, OBLITERATE YOURSELF!

This, herein, concludes the posting of the sky picture to maybe, just maybe become the proud recipient of Lorna's Lace Yarn. If I dont, it was fun anyway to post!


Sandysknitting said...

Beautiful Georgia sky! Your name in in for the Lorna's!
The lost dog sign is so precious!
Sandy, not a millionaire!

Running2Ks said...

Definitely a winner of a picture!

April Rescigno said...

South Georgia, huh? I actually grew up in LaGrange (Troup County) and spent my first year of college at UGA.

I have to admit, I don't miss the humidity and heat, but I do miss marching band practice in August!