Friday, September 02, 2005

Counting Coins for the hurricane victims

One can never be too young to begin giving to others. Davis, who is not new to this blog, but might be new to counting money, is doing mighty work right now. This three year old is helping his parents count the loose change they collect each day so they can give it to the hurricane victims.

This seems like a small activity - but it is laying the groundwork for a lifetime of remembering that giving to others in need is what we are called to do. No task is too small and no child is too young to begin to know what it is to give to others. Davis's parents are building the foundation for this young man so he may know the gift of giving to others.

We, too, will do the same. Rachael, our seven year old, will count our loose change and our donation will go to Episcopal Relief and Development - on their web site they state:

"Episcopal Relief and Development supports children and families who are suffering from disaster, disease and poverty. Our programs save lives today and build hope for the future. Your partnership with us provides emergency assistance and long-term solutions to fight poverty and disease. "

No amount is too small and no person is too young to become involved in this process. They may not fully understand the devastation and magnitude of this disaster. However, it plants the seeds that last a lifetime to give to others less fortunate.

A big thank you goes to Davis - for helping count his pennies to give to others. Thank you also goes to his parents who understand the importance to begin early the gift of giving.

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