Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hit and Miss of the Spiderwomen

I knew today would not be ordinary. A new student was coming into my classroom and from his prior visit, I knew to come prepared. This was the first new student for the year since all of my students were in our room last year, so the routine of the classroom was going very smoothly. Other than some power struggling with a three year old who thought he was going to be in control of the room, his first day was going nicely. Picture day was also scheduled so the yearly glamour shot documented that aging is taking place and gravity does have an impact on the face as well as other parts of the body. Picture day is always interesting for our class. Three and four year old children are often unpredictable when it comes to picture taking time. Three and four year old children with developmental delays add an extra dimension. Positioning, focusing, balancing are all issues that come with the territory. Add the heat and humidity of our part of the world in a room that is not airconditioned with incandescent lighting and kids, teachers, and the gnats that seem to swarm around the kids and by the time it's time for the teacher's picture, sweat usually has the hair wet, and the hoped for glamour shot become a post office most wanted mug shot.
Pictures taken, breakfast completed, center time begins. Most of the students were in the "kitchen" an area where they pretend to take care of all of the cooking, dressing up, and playing that preschoolers do so well. (Want to know how parents talk on the phone? Listen to a preschooler.) We have a nice little washer and dryer where the kids pretend to wash and dry clothes. Attached to it is an ironing board that lifts up for them to "iron". Well, one of my coworkers brought to my attention that there was a big spider. Well, spiders are not something that alert me too quickly. She said, "it's pretty big" - so I looked underneath the ironing board and it was underneath in a little indentation. I look for a weapon (hmmmm.... that little toy looks like it can kill a spider). That spider took off lickety split to behind the refrigerator. I figured that it was well hidden enough that I would just notify the office to let them know that the exterminator needed to come and spray the room, since this was not the first one I had seen. Called the office and alerted them. They said they would get it taken care of. Little did I know that the bookkeeper and the custodian were literally going to take care of the matter.
Now, anyone that works in a school knows who runs the school and who knows all that is going on in the school. Yep, you got it. We know that the the two abovementioned folks are the ones that really can move and shake. So I knew the job would get done with "Spiderwomen" arrived - one with a broom, the other with a broomstick with a tennis ball attached to the bottom (that is used to remove scuff marks off the floor but obviously has higher aspirations as an arachnid annihalator). With weapons in tow, furniture started to be moved, and the task at hand began.

"Oh... I see the spider.... right there...."

"Move that over just a little bit.. be ready now when you move it" You see it? "

Nuh uh...but we'll get it...

("Children move out of the way now - you know I don't like spiders")

Whap.."got it"... "you see that"?


"Let me go get the camera - no one's going to believe me that we made such a big deal out of this."
"Let me take a picture of you in action" Click...
"Let me look at the pictures. Oh my... my arms look fat, don't use that picture, do another one..."
"Hey, this will be a fun blog story."
"What's a blog?"
"You'll see."
Now you know...welcome, y'all, to the world of blogging. You have officially been blogged.

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