Monday, September 26, 2005

Interesting find - anyone remember these??? Knitting too

Having to make a pit stop this morning on my 100+ mile trip to the workshop I was begrudgingly attending (while the rest of the teachers were having the surprise 2 days off - compliments of Gov. Sonny Perdue), I walked by the aisle and this caught my eye:

Does any of you remember these? I thought they had disappeared, but lo and behold, a convenience store had them. There were so many things I wanted to photograph as I was passing today, but I was running late.

The 100+ (one way) mile trip was a bit wearying to this old soul, so have made a reservation at one of the few places around the town. A special place for sure, which will be kept under the lid until I return on Thursday. You shall NOT be disappointed, other than the fact that it DOES not have wireless AND there is only one touchtone phone in one of the rooms.

Lots of boiled peanut in this town too. Oh yeah.... forgot to tell you this part. We had bag lunches today.... and guess what? Our ham sandwiches??? They were on white bread wrapped in WAX PAPER!!! FOR real.... Now we were not so much in the boonies -- bottled water had found the place. (I should have taken my camera out for that, but there are limitations to how weird I want to be perceived).

The workshop I am attending is on working with students with Autism and the folks are from TEACCH ( Excellent workshop, so my begrudgingness is no longer. And I could knit while they presented and they did not mind. How come most educators will allow you to doodle and they don't mind, but if you do something else like knitting, it is perceived as though you are not listening. I actually knitted 2 dishcloths today and I could watch them the entire presentation. Only when I K2tog did I occasionally have to look. The female presented said she has been known to cross stitch while listening. That takes too much concentration for me.
So unless I have some awe inspiring posting that hits me broadside out of bed this evening and I don't find internet access where I am, this will be my last posting until late late Thursday.

Hold all of blogdom fortresses down.. I'll be back.


Songbird said...

I spent the weekend knitting dish/facecloths at a denominational meeting, and I found the same thing: I really had to check in when it was time to K2tog.
Glad it was a good workshop!

Running2Ks said...

Mmmm, boiled peanuts!

Anonymous said...

hey mama,
they sell those in valdosta at phillips 66 in banana and vanilla i think, allison and i saw them today.

Anonymous said...

hey mama,
they sell those in valdosta at phillips 66 in banana and vanilla i think, allison and i saw them today.