Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The BOOK BOOK BOOK2 has arrived

Yarn Harlot : The Secret Life of a Knitter' has arrived.

Update on Katrina Cloths: I have 8 and the above wad of knitted washcloth is a new pattern I created - it's a combination of Granny's favorite (the garter stitch one) and Darrell Waltrip's washcloth. I don't know who Darrell Waltrip is, but it sounds more NASCARish than a knitting junkie. Notice the pattern has not been divulged for public viewing. We are having a Knit in Public Knit-in at our Courtyard Cafe next Tuesday, September 20 at 6:00. Y'all come. We have a goal of 50 to make to send.


Songbird said...

Cathy, where exactly are you sending your cloths? There has been quite a bit of sturm und drang at the Cloths for Katrina group, it seems. I'm wondering what the best destination is for ours.

Cathy said...

Cloths for Katrina is definitely having growing pains. I have no doubt that the destination will come to fruition if their's doesn't pan out. I would think there would be a group willing to work with us. I have some thoughts and ideas of where I can send it if need be. No matter what, they are needed!

JessaLu said...

YOU DON'T KNOW WHO DARRELL WALTRIP IS?!?! ohmiGod I feel a little faint... ;o)

Cathy said...

Well, I guess I need to find out who this person is. One does have to venture out of their little world every once in a while.

Jessalu, I will hand you some smelling salts. :)

Running2Ks said...

You are doing a great job!