Sunday, May 15, 2005

Feast Day

For those of us that follow a liturgical calendar, today is Feast of the Pentecost - the 50th day of Easter and the birthday of the church. For some of us in our local congregation, it is indeed an extra special day as we become members of a religious order in the Episcopal Church - Daughters of the King (for more info - Daughters of the King) - Here's the picture:

Yesterday we had a retreat and went to Tallahassee's Holy Comforter to their labyrinth and then celebrated Eucharist using a Celtic service. After breaking bread together, what better way to top off the morning than to go to a French restaurant - Mon Père et Moi - good food, good friends - what more can you ask for?

Well, one would think that one would nap after a morning like that - topped off with a delicious meal - but knitting did take place - I began another shawl - with a different twist. I used fun fur as the border and I am interspersing the knitting with a row or two of the fun fur combined with the homespun - gives it a nice less traditional look.

Now, I do have a little problem, some animal of mine has decided they like chewing on my bamboo needles - feline or canine - they better watch out - not sure if one of the circular needles is usable now - time will tell on that one. I guess I can't lay/lie my needles down anymore without thought of what might happen if one of the four legged creatures decides to teethe on it.

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