Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Baby Prayer blanket

Baby prayer blanket Posted by Hello

Close up of blanket Posted by Hello

Occasionally the memory works and out of the cobwebs of the brain, after deeply searching and writing down what I THOUGHT was correct, I came up with the pattern I knitted during my teenage years. I tried to remember it and tried to remember on paper, but it wouldn't do, the fingers had to do the remembering - so this 29 stitch repeating pattern is a project I am working on now - I cast on 145 stitches and am using size 10 1/2 circulars - Plymouth Encore Yarn.
Would you like the pattern? I have no idea if it is officially copyrighted because the last time I saw the pattern was in the 70s - but if you want the pattern, I will be glad to email it to you. The first person to ask for it may need to wait until I get it down on a document, but it is not too difficult and has a nice look to it. You can email me and I will send you the pattern. I won't have a gauge, just the pattern, so the rest you are on your own.

I forgot to add the prayer aspect - through the repetition of 29 stitches (the rows that I don't have to count and k2tog, I am trying to pray the Lord's prayer and have it flow with the 29 stitches. So far I have been only minimally successful in that respect, however, if I have stitches left over, I pray for each family member that will be receiving the prayer blanket for their new addition.

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