Sunday, May 22, 2005

A trip to the daylily farm

Wyoming Wildfire daylily Posted by Hello
Off we went to Farmhouse Daylily Gardens to check out the acres of daylilies that should be close to peak. However, we have had a unusually cool spring for these parts of south Georgia and peak, which should be just about now, is going to be in about 2 weeks. That's ok, we have plenty of places to visit around here to see daylilies. I did go over my limit as to what I was going to get, but how can I resist those gorgeous lilies? It's a bit contagious and I scratched more off of my list than kept on my list, so that must count for something?????

After that, I went to a baby shower and the baby prayer blanket went to the new baby to be. I should have a picture of thatto post soon - why didn't I take a picture??? Well, Rachael, who is our 7 year old daughter, got a little antsy so I gave her the digital camera at the daylily garden and lo and behold, she took picture after picture - needless to say, I might be computer savvy, but digital camera smarts I am not, so I couldn't figure out how to take off the pictures she took, but she did take some pretty good pictures.

Rachael took this picture of a squirrel Posted by Hello

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