Monday, July 03, 2006

Summertime blogs -- missing items

Hazelnut Reflections said it...not much to blog about. Except I think I can outdo her today. You see, we have moved, and in the move, we can't find the digital camera cable to unleash the pictures that are in the digital camera. They are being held captive inside the camera - and neither husband nor wife (moi) are happy about not being able to locate it. Nor can I find my sock knitting that is in progress - another reason to be cantankerous, so I can only work on one project in progress. Anything else would have to be a NEW project. (Well, I do have a sweater in progress for Davis, but he won't need a sweater for a bit and it can wait.)

I can't even post a picture of a dog sleeping.... or a Saturday sky...

Back in search of missing items in the move. I should have known better and moved those in my hot little hands with nothing else....

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revabi said...

Hey cathy,
I can understand. Hope you find it. There are several things we haven't found from our move yet either. I have been making a list of what I will have in my hot little hands next time we move. But i hope we don't move again.