Friday, July 07, 2006

Short Friday Five

RevGalPals come up with the Friday 5 - and it's a brief short theme this week.

  • Short People -A few of my favorite short people - My Mom and Davis (who is featured here with his antics - the latest with his own haircut when he was an aspiring barber) - Davis, I need more of your antics - your mother tried to outdo you by killing a rattlesnake.
  • Short Hops - My Hops get shorter as I get older
  • Short Stories - My favorite short story to tell - Three Billy Goats Gruff since the kids in school love it so
  • Short Lists - Why make a list when you lose them?
  • Short Stops - Are we talking about stops on the organ or baseball? oh - maybe a short stop is when you leave the air conditioning running in your car so the folks in there don't roast.

Oh yes, here's a short rattlesnake that Davis's mother killed by the pool in the country - don't worry Davis - you will come up with more ideas to get into the blog.


Songbird said...

That *is* a short rattlesnake!

Sally said...

my hops get shorter too, not so sure about that snake.