Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rude Awakening - it's inevitable

I have had my head in the sand for the past couple of weeks. I am pretending that it wasn't going to happen, though I knew it was inevitable.

And.... I love my job. Why the feelings of dread?? ??

Well, I think it is the reason of time - I have plenty to keep me busy, and about the time I get adjusted to being off, the time to go back to work begins.

The first couple of weeks after school starts - there is an adjustment period. I feel a bit lost of what to do with the 40 hours a week of time that is now "free" - then the summer begins. Youngest daughter spends 4 weeks with us in the summer, children come and go, and this year was THE MOVE - 2 whole blocks away.

The first four days of school is planning - filled with meetings, getting the room ready, and open house. I am fortunate to have 2 paraprofessionals who are WONDERFUL - they are truly a gift to have in my room and for 3 women in one room to get along is a blessing - we work as a team and no one gets ruffled.

For the little ones, it takes several weeks for the class to "gel" - for the group to get some form of togetherness. Separation anxiety can be a part of the issues we address during the first weeks of school - let's hope that they will be brief.

Once we "get on the train" there's no stopping! Trying to get psyched up for the big week. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!

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Carolanne said...

Well, if you worked on the other side of the world - i.e. Australia, you wouldn't have to worry about getting too attached to the holiday time, since our longest term break is over Christmas and only lasts for 6 weeks. We also have 3 other term breaks that are 2 weeks in duration, so we pace ourselves differently to you!