Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday 5 - in honor of Independence Day

Friday 5 from Rev Gal Pals

1) Do you celebrate 4th of July (or some other holiday representing independence?)
Yes, in the past we have cooked out and had hamburgers and hot dogs. However, this year will be different - with husband's job as golf professional, this is one of his busy days. Not sure what we will be doing, but I do believe that I will be watching the Boston Pops in the evening!

2) When was the first time you felt independent, if ever? Hmmmm, that's an interesting question since my feeling of independence has come in stages - driving as a teenager is certainly one, going to college, getting married. However, after my divorce, I felt like I had finally grown up and could truly be independent - and it allowed me to feel the gift of receiving from others, while still feeling independent.

3) If you're hosting a cookout, what's on the grill? We usually host a cookout, but probably won't this year. We'll gladly accept any invitations that are offered, however, anyone that shows up, we'll try to do something fun!

4) Strawberry Shortcake -- biscuit or sponge cake? Discuss. I like it with biscuit, but just recently had it like that - it was sort of strange, but I like the texture better than a sponge cake or those little cake shells.

5) Fireworks -- best and worst experience - Stone Mountain has an awesome laser show with fireworks. Worst..... I went to a fireworks show at a lake when I was a child and a bug got in my ear....gross.....

1776 - have not seen it so won't get to do the bonus!


Songbird said...

Ew, Cathy, a bug in the ear is no fun! I would be apt to remember something like that, too.
Happy 4th!

Patti said...

Biscuits, of course! That's what makes it short!