Thursday, July 06, 2006

Peas, please and pot liquor

Any one that knows me well, and even for those that don't know me well, would ever consider me domestic. In fact, I really don't cook, unless it's for a holiday, and when I do, I always feel a little out of sorts, like "what am I doing here?"

Well, in looking at our local paper, I saw an ad for a produce stand (ok, I admit, the softserve ice cream was a selling item to make the trip) - but they also had shelled peas and "lopes" and "maters". So friend Kit and I trekked over to the produce store (which was like a old country store and was air conditioned - yay). And there it was..... a industrial refrigerator full of shelled peas of all kinds. Now in these here parts, cream peas, or white acres, or cream 40s, 8s, or 12s, are the creme de la creme of peas.

We came home with yellow squash, butternut squash, Vidalia onions, and REAL tomatoes... maters. Oh yes, the lopes (I never heard of them called that - but saw it on a sign) - these put the store bought ones to shame ( I realize I bought this in a "store", but you know what I mean).

So, yesterday, I put up some peas, and since the dear husband was driving by there today, I asked him to pick up more peas. Yes, I was feeling a bit domestic - WHAT HAS COME OVER ME??? And I put up some more. Now if we had a big freezer, I would fill up with these peas. Nothing better than these peas and the "pot liquor" -- any one heard of that? Anyway, here is a samplin' of what I did. Notice the okra in there, it adds a little something to the peas - they need to be small and tender and just one or two per package will take care of it.

Oh yeah, the ice cream - softserve - but the difference was that there was fresh peach puree on top. I could have eaten myself sick.

Update on missing items: digital cable cord has been found as well as charger, so things are good...
Missing bag of Socks that Rock yarn has also been found - three skeins of that yarn was in there along with a pair of socks already knitted. I feel better now.

Knitting items will soon be posted. Nothing too much exciting, but knitting is taking place.
Rain would be much appreciated too - we have had less than 2 inches in 4 months. That's unheard of here.


Questing Parson said...

Seems to me the only thing missing is directions to your house so all of us can come to dinner-on-the-grounds.

Trilla said...

Where's that store? I'm hungry! Trilla